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Five Ways To Leverage And Grow Your Own Influence

by Lisa Loeffler

Influence. Influencer. Influential. Influence Leadership. Influencer Management.

These are just some phrases flying around the social hemisphere and becoming more widely popular as influencer marketing continues to take root in the new media marketing arena.

While growing influence may be a role or responsibility around serving your clients, we often neglect how we can improve our own influence position as a personal brand or for our company.

Below are some concepts, some of which you’ll be familiar with, and others I hope you invest time to consider:

1. Highlight Your Clients’ Work

While there are thousands of professionals today wearing content/social/digital marketing hats, I’ve seen very few leverage or utilize their social platforms to share the news and content they spend hours creating for their own clients.

Benefits of doing so: 

  1. It provides your client increased exposure, especially if you have influence in their verticals or markets. You likely work with clients you respect, admire and support -- so why wouldn’t you share their work.
  2. It showcases the type of work you’re doing for your client so others understand what you do and who may hire you.
  3. It creates “know, like and trust” more quickly. If one of your client’s friends or colleagues sees you working with them, it may provide a new business lead or relationship you never may have had.

2. Re-Atomize Content And Put It Into Context

Using content across several social communities is just smart -- and investing the time to reshare often and as appropriate for each channel -- even smarter.

Always take the time and thought to consider how each piece of content you develop and create can be repurposed to appropriately fit the platform you’re posting it onto.

  • On Facebook: Make sure your photos are correctly sized, use hashtags strategically, and use ads to boost content you want to be seen.
  • On your blog: use Twitter cards so your posts always have a photo that displays at its best.
  • On Instagram: Produce high-quality images that support your content. Create videos that tell a story - quickly.
  • On Twitter: Ensure messaging is concise as users flip quickly through content and have seconds to digest your post. Take time to create Twitter appropriately sized graphics or memes.

3. Communicate On Platforms That Fit You

This doesn’t mean doing what comes the easiest to you or do it how you’ve always done it because it’s comfortable.

You must communicate where people spend time or you’re not going to make it. Do the work. Do the research and find out where your tribe lives and breathes, and what they’re passionate about.

Stay relevant, read tutorials, watch videos, eBooks and blog posts to help you learn how to use new platforms or software. Reach out to a colleague and ask for help -- but make sure you can provide something back of value to them for their time or offer to pay them. If they politely decline, take the extra step and send them a small gift to show your appreciation.

4. Treat Your Business Like It’s Your #1 Client

We’ve all heard the old adage: “It’s the case of the cobbler’s shoes...I just don’t have time to work on or grow my own business.”

If you can put some distance between you and your own business or consultancy and set aside some time to focus objectively around it -- it will reward you 100x.

Are you a social or content marketing consultant or firm? Run your own company through the same audit you do as your clients. I recommend you do this at least quarterly, as new media change fast.

Mastermind it! Gather a small group of trusted peers in your field to review your products and services, your pitch decks, your proposals, your client life cycles, your customer services practices, your retention strategies, your website, your personas, your newsletter, your social media, your blog, etc. -- and then ask them for some constructive feedback.

Synchronistically, this exercise will bring you excitement and energy around your business and you’ll likely discover and uncover new processes or systems or others that need a tune-up -- as well as receive trusted observations from your colleagues.

5. Build It And Own It

Over the last decade social media has radically transformed the face of marketing as we’ve known it over the 30 years previous to it.

There are three field areas you can share your message today: earned, owned and paid. All three provide you vehicles to share your message and life your brand exposure.

In the chart below you’ll see examples of some influencer roles you can participate in to increase your personal brand mindshare in communities you want to influence.

Within each is different market or areas that include: social, events, media, content and services. Both columns provide opportunities for influencers to monetize their experience and thought leadership into paid media vehicles as well as services they provide directly to their clients such as consulting workshops, training and coaching.

Influencer Roles

Can you think of any earned, owned or paid media influencer roles that aren’t mentioned below? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


About the author

Lisa Loeffler has more than 10 years of experience in social media, content, influencer and digital marketing, as well as a wide breadth of knowledge in legacy marketing, advertising and public relations.

She started her consultancy in 2008 and works closely with some of the leading U.S. social media and digital marketing influencers who were the pioneers of the space and continue to drive innovative strategies and programs.

She’s worked with notable brands and clients including Columbia Sportswear, Dell, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Content Marketing Institute, Visit California, Keck Medicine of University of Southern California, The Redford Center, Grand Canyon Trust, University of Arizona, National University, Bryan Kramer, Daniel Lemin, Park Howell, Andy Crestodina, Jay Baer and more…